Story behind our ‘Butter of Butters’

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As always, I wanted to share the Story behind our most worked and time consuming formulation and latest release ‘Butter of Butters’

Well, to be honest, there is a horde of requests rather than a story behind it. The original base formula was designed for my newborn daughter way back in 2019 when I realized her skin type was dry. It was designed to keep her skin moisturized in winters.

Once frequent requests started to come from people who loved our Lip Balms to design a Skin Salve, although skeptical, we decided to release one. Skeptical because we knew the expectations will be very high. And the expectations grew, even more, when our last release Healing Foot Butter was met with huge love. Even we didn’t expect this, since the feet are the most ignored body part.

So I started formulating one with Plant Butters and kept on adding different Butters for their distinct properties. I tried to make the product a little fancy through Vanilla (You would be shocked to know how costly original Madagascar Vanilla Beans are), Peach, Cranberry, etc. But it was not cost-effective and we were not able to create one to everyone’s liking. At one point I am really frustrated about whether I will ever finish formulating this product. We went back to the Drawing board countless times and we have tested over 16 different versions. But that is when I realized, clients love us for products that solve their problems and our affordable prices, not fancy ingredients. So when we went back to Drawing Board one last time, I have clearly set my mind on what to achieve with this product and I can’t be more happy with the outcome.

Those, whose feedback I believe in would have received multiple samples of our test batches, and thank you all for your valuable feedback. I would like to especially thank my good friend Dr. Charanya Jayakumar (Soul Skin Clinic, Chennai)  for your inputs. Your feedback guided me forward in time of Confusion.

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