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Bask in Nature’s Scalp Massager

Now your Champi Time is more enjoyable with Bask in Nature’s Scalp Massager.

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Bask in Nature’s Scalp Massager

Now your Champi Time is more enjoyable with Bask in Nature’s Scalp Massager.

Bask in Nature’s Scalp Massager has tremendous benefits for your scalp and the planet. Wooden renewables are in, plastics are out!

Scalp massages are a great way to relax the mind and body, and stimulate blood circulation. This wooden scalp massager helps in stimulating the head acupuncture point and can help eliminate fatigue. 

Did you know that there are over 60 pressure points on your scalp? 

Wooden Head Massager can be used on dry scalp or after applying a few drops of light oil on the scalp. You can also use them on other parts of the body. (Wait…WHAT?)

How to use:

Here are 6 easy scalp massage steps that you should do regularly. A self-care ritual that you need to fit into your busy schedule.

Step 1:

Massage all over the scalp in a gentle, light circular motion to relax scalp muscles and ease stress.

Step 2:

Run the massager over the entire scalp starting from the hairline around the face and ending at the hairline on the back of the head. Do each stroke slowly.

Step 3:

Focus on the area around the ears and run the massager on your scalp following the curve of the ear, from front to back.

Step 4:

There is an important pressure point at the top of your head. You can find it by placing a finger above each ear and going upward until your fingers meet at the center top of your head.

This point (known as Bai Hui or “Hundred Convergences”) is the place where all of the energies of your body meet, making it one of the most powerful points on the body. By massaging this point in a circular motion, you will help relieve stress, and tension and give you a good night’s sleep.

Step 5:

Run the massager slowly up and down in the back of the neck to reduce tension. 

Step 6:

Finish the massage by running the massager from the back and side of the neck towards the shoulders, along the trapezius muscles. This is a part of the body that is always tight, and this is one area where you can apply greater pressure… It feels so heavenly!

You never need to apply hard pressure… always be kind to your body!

Why to buy this Scalp Massager?

● Stimulates Roots

● Made from top-quality Teakwood.

● Travel Friendly

● Improves blood circulation

● Relaxing tool at an affordable price

2 reviews for Scalp Massager

  1. Aparna Jayan T (verified owner)

    My absolute favourite from the brand 🥰… I use it everyday for scalp massages..This has helped me a lot in improving scalp health…it has helped with my hair growth as well… so amazing 🤩

  2. Arya Jain

    Very relaxing and helping in reducing hair fall too. Massager is too sturdy and cute

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