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"There is nothing in our Catalogue that I wouldn't use on me or my baby girl."



How it started ?

The search for the right skin and hair care products started in my teenage days. I always wondered why I have to choose between Costly chemical-filled products and Cheap local products of questionable ingredient quality. Still, I spent thousands of Rupees believing blindly that premium products are the solution to the right body care.

However, after the birth of my baby girl, the search intensified to give her the best body care possible. Because of my beliefs about the traditionally passed down recipes, I tried to recreate the same with good ingredients to the best of my knowledge and research. After multiple failures to create the perfect products that suit my baby, me, and my mom, I realized no one can make such a product that suits everyone.

Everyone’s skin is different and everyone needs customized skincare routines and customized products that suit their own skin type and not every ingredient can be used for all skin types or may give the same result to all the skin types. So I started researching on properties of ingredients and spent time looking for unadulterated ingredients and why those ingredients are considered not just ok, but best and home-crafted various products as per my family needs with the utmost care and love.

  When I  truly believed the efforts of my research has been fruitful and they are something that needs to be shared with everyone, the result is before you as ‘Bask in Nature’, a clean Beauty initiative for Products made out of ethically sourced purest natural ingredients combined with the motto to leave behind a minimal beauty carbon footprint on Mother Earth in every aspect of this project.

Believe me, I'm a Mother first and a Businesswoman next.

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