Hibiscus lipbalm

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Hibiscus lip balm is carefully crafted extracting the powerful petals of the hibiscus flowers blended with shea butter, kokum butter, and almond oil as primary ingredients.

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Experience the nourishing and hydrating properties of this exquisite lip balm, which helps to moisturize, protect, and also revitalize your dry, broken and chapped lips. Enriched with the goodness of hibiscus, known for its exfoliating yet soothing properties, this lip balm heals and brings life to your lips making it naturally healthy.

Ingredients: Hibiscus Flower Extracts, Shea butter, kokum butter, Eco-Certified Red Color Candelilla wax, Cold Pressed Almond Oil and Cold Pressed Lavender Essential Oil

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8 reviews for Hibiscus lipbalm

  1. Sharmila

    The Hibiscus Lip Balm has become my go-to beauty essential. It effortlessly gives my lips a gorgeous pink tint without any noticeable pigmentation. The moisturizing formula keeps my lips hydrated and prevents dryness. I can apply it throughout the day without worrying about touch-ups. It’s a must-have for anyone who wants a natural and effortless beauty look.

  2. Nehal priyani

    Your brand has amazing formulations among them lipz are the best ,now this Hibiscus has set some range the colour payoff ,the moisturisation man who looks for a lipstick when you are doing best with balms.

  3. Komali

    Beetroot was my all time day time favourite and nude for night times,now hibiscus has topped the show, every one must try your lipbalms

  4. Jency sathish

    Sirisha akka’s lipbalms are the best , I have tried almost all products from every thing tops in their own way no words to say about hibiscus tint and all

  5. Somani

    Hello Bask Although beetroot has helped in evening out lip colour and pigmentation,this hibiscus helps to cover uneven tone on lips and makes us look gracefull

  6. Ramya Kondala (verified owner)

    I tried amazing variants Beetroot & Pink earlier, But this Hibiscus is a ROCK STAR. I Love Love Love its tint and Texture like anything. Thanks for always maintaining amazing Quality 🫶

  7. Nandine (verified owner)

    hi, the hibiscus variant is really good.
    I was using some other chemically made lip balms for a period of about 5yrs, and when i tried this product first i disliked it, it was sooo thick and dry unlike the chemical products. Dint stay on my lips, got smudged. But then, i noticed my lips stayed soft and moisturized for a longer time. Then i took some time, used it properly started taking little in quantity and got used to it. I have pigmentation but once i apply, they vanish! Its good, but we shouldnt apply lot. love the tint. medium fragrance coz of the lavendar oil!

    Amidst all the good, the lipbalms mrp is rs.300. But askd to pay rs.345 for the same. Its an offence! Kindly look into it !

  8. Sonal Sakpal (verified owner)

    Best ever!!Loved it !!!So grateful as it make me look graceful….lots of love to bask in nature…..!!!!

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