Ingredients Glossary

At Bask in Nature, I don’t dilute the effectiveness of my Hero Ingredients with cheap “fillers”.

Each of my ingredients has been specifically chosen for it’s individual Skin loving properties and merits. They all work harmoniously together to provide you Skin with 100% Natural and effective Skincare. There is simply no room for anything else.

This means you won’t find any Water, Mineral Oils, Palm Oil, or any other Cheap Natural of synthetic “filler” ingredients listed anywhere in my ingredient lists.

Scientists shouldn’t be the only ones able to decipher the label on a Packaging. Our Ingredient Glossary is a comprehensive collection of ingredients used in our products to know what you are putting into your Body.


None of our Products or Raw Materials are tested on any Animals


All our Products are Handmade and Slow Cooked in Micro Batches


Most of our products come in eco-friendly packaging made from Glass, Cardboard, and Old Newspapers

Paraben &
Sulphate Free

All our products are completely free from Sulphates, Parabens, Colorants, Artificial fragrances/Parfum


100% of all our products are made from ingredients naturally occurring on Mother Nature and nothing synthesized in Lab


All of our products are mostly made out of Plant Based Ingredients