Story behind our ‘Healing Foot Butter’

Quite a Challenge

When I started working on our next release, we got all kinds of requests like Body Butter, Shampoo Bars, Alovera Gel etc. While going through the oncoming requests, one particular request from clients and family regarding Craked Heels and Dry Feet intrigued me. I liked the challenge in crafting a product to adress these issues as the skin on our feet is considerably thicker when compared with other parts of our body and with thickess of the skin, the pace with which skin absorbs the product also decreases. The challenge came in the form of a creating a butter which is both nourishing and thick enough to stick to feet through out night.

But at that point I thought I can just cook one batch of them, send it to those requested and we have no idea to release the product and that is why, it is not featured on our website also. But once the word is out, requests started coming in and I had to cook a second batch and they were sold too. Then only we realized how common is this Craked Heels and Dry Feet problem and decided to release it properly.

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