Know the Story behind – Anti Frizz Hair Cleanser

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Know the Story behind – Anti Frizz Hair Cleanser

Keeping up our Tradition, we are sharing the story behind like always

Hair wash powder will be one of the first products that any Plant Based/ Natural brands release, the reason being obvious. The formulation is simple. And for the very same reason, we did not have one. From the start, I find it pointless to formulate recipes which are already widely available in various forms.

That is the reason we didn’t launch a Sugar based Lip Scrub. Any ingredient like Coffee, Cocoa Powder, Honey, and Beetroot Juice mixed with Raw Cane Sugar will make a decent Lip Scrub and my first thought will be will I pay money for the same?

Most 90s Kids I know will have grown up washing their hair with Shikakai or Reetha at some stage. I am no exception. However, all the versions I have tried had made my Hair Dry and Frizzy. So I gave up on Natural Hair Wash Powders long back and relied on Gentle SLS and Paraben Free Shampoos.

While I am in my happy little world completely oblivious of Hair Wash powder’s existence, an acquaintance with a love for dyeing Hair messaged me saying that she wash her Hair daily and Shampoos are making her Hair color fade faster and it’s costing her an Arm and Leg to get it colored again and again. I suggested she change Shampoo, she did and it didn’t work. I asked her to try some Shampoo Bars and Hair Wash Powders, she said they make her Hair Frizzy.

Given my own experience with Hair Wash Powders, I gave all sorts of lame excuses to not formulate one. I even tried convincing her she looks much better with her jet-black Hair and in my defense that is true. All this happened over a period of 8 months. She is a persistent one and I got to admit that. Finally, I gave in and agreed to look into it.

I have to admit the task is simple actually, there is time tested set of Ingredients like Shikakai, Reetha, Amla, Hibiscus, Methi, Green Gram etc.

I just need to add some more for my own spin to and keep the Hair Frizz Free. Arriving at the right ratios took time. About results, I will let the product speak for itself.

In the end, the dyed Hair Girl purchased 2 KG right away after using the sample I sent.

Currently, I completely stopped using Shampoos and couldn’t be Happier with results.

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