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What is Bask in Nature ?

'Bask in Nature’ is a Clean Beauty initiative born out of a mother’s aspiration to give her baby and family, products made wholly out of natural ingredients with the motto to leave behind a minimal beauty carbon footprint on Mother Earth in every aspect of the project.


The name ‘Bask in Nature’ was chosen for this project to reflect the philosophy behind the products we make and the feeling they should induce.


Bask in Nature is completely Woman Owned.

Why Plant-based ?

Plants were the first source of remedies and skincare that we knew. Over time we’ve evolved and adapted both of those things to include synthetics and diluted formulations for convenience and cost.


We’re taking it basics, and starting again with the power of plants.


What makes plants so powerful?


For a start, they are the reason we can breathe!


They provide us with food, shelter resources for so many things.


When it comes to Skincare, they hold some incredible healing and protective properties, but they also exist in an endless cycle of rejuvenation. When they die, or reach the end of life, they return to the earth and become the earth again. There’s something quite magical about that. But it also means that there is no waste when your products are plant-based.


Moreover a single plant can contain dozens of different phytonutrients. This means you get an array of nutrient benefits in whole plant skincare rather than the handful of isolated chemicals from synthetic ingredients.  Just the essential oils from Calendula have 27 different individual compounds!  Plants are so complex and vary so much from one variety to another that it is virtually impossible and definitely impractical to try to duplicate their unique chemistry in a lab.

What does the word ‘Natural’ Mean to us ?

At Bask in Nature, the word Natural simply means Ingredients naturally occurring on Mother Nature and nothing synthesized in Lab.


For us, Natural means products made using ingredients in their purest forms. Oils, Butters, Clays, Leaf Powders, Plant extracts, Essential oils, Pure Waxes…


‘Natural’ products are not brightly coloured, or fragranced with passion fruit, baby powder, green apple, candy floss, etc.


‘Natural’ products do not contain Sulphates, Parabens, colorants, fragrances / parfum, and long lists of unpronounceable chemical words.


If you don’t see subtle colours from nature, if you don’t see pure essential oils, Powders from Plants, Flowers, Butters and other naturally occurring ingredients, no matter how it’s labelled, it’s not Natural.

Why Handmade ?

First and foremost, when you opt for Bask in Nature’s handmade and personally hand-crafted products, you can be sure that they were Slow Cooked in Small Batches and Small Batches means Fresh Batches and more control over the quality of Ingredients.


Most importantly, small-batch skincare production also makes the producers more in touch with their products. At Bask in Nature, Sirisha Singaraju knows exactly what goes into all of the products, and what benefits each ingredient brings.


She gets her ingredients from trustworthy sources to ensure that they are of the best quality. She is available to answer questions, make recommendations, and give advice on using her products because she knows exactly how they are made.

How do we approach our Formulations ?

We approach all our formulations with two things in mind.

The first is totally clean, non-toxic formulas which should be safe even for Babies and Lactating Mothers. No toxic ingredients. No harsh chemicals. Just Plants, Herbs, Butters, Waxes, and Essential aromatics to bring more joy to your skincare ritual.


The second is our firm belief that high-quality, organic skincare shouldn’t come with a high price tag.


We believe in formulating safe and effective products that are accessible to everyone, and that’s how we’re making our mark on the Clean beauty industry.

Why do you feel subtle differences in our Products from Different Batches ?

Often customers contact us with the question why a product from the new batch is a little different from the previous one. Although it is the same product and exactly the same formulation, it may be that the new Almond oil is a little nuttier than the previous one, that the Lip Balm has a slightly different smell, or that the Brightening Face Pack has a subtle color difference than last time. We can say that these small differences are a must in natural skincare.


Small differences between batches are a trademark of any Natural Skincare product.


Our Natural Formulations capture all the conditions in which their ingredients are grown. The Sun and the Rain, Birds and the Bees. That results in small differences between batches.


In Nature, everything connects, complements, and creates afresh with each new season. It is nature that shapes and determines the growth, color, smell, and quantity of the harvest, year after year.


And all these characteristics of Leaves, Roots, oils, and Butters act together to determine the nature of our end products like color, smell, and how they feel on the skin.


For this phenomenon the perfect example is our favorite ingredients all the way from Ghana, Africa is ‘Shea Butter’. To date, no two batches of Shea Butter we used for formulations felt the same. The Color and consistency are always different depending on the place from which it is extracted and the season.


Finally, if a product always feels the same way with the same consistency, it is most probably based on synthetic fillers.


None of our Products or Raw Materials are tested on any Animals


All our Products are Handmade and Slow Cooked in Micro Batches


Most of our products come in eco-friendly packaging made from Glass, Cardboard, and Old Newspapers

Paraben &
Sulphate Free

All our products are completely free from Sulphates, Parabens, Colorants, Artificial fragrances/Parfum


100% of all our products are made from ingredients naturally occurring on Mother Nature and nothing synthesized in Lab


All of our products are mostly made out of Plant Based Ingredients

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